Hands in hands

31 -May-2013 Divya Nayak Love Poem 2 Comments  511 Views
Hands in hands

hands in hands together we walked alone for miles
our eyes were locked together and tears were ready to fight
the more we talked the more we liked the more we thought each other
spend the days together and flied in dreamy sky whole night
the more we thought the more we cared the more we loved each other

hands in hands together we walked alone for miles
he was my dream man i was his lady
we nuzzled and cuddled like small little babies
when i saw him his eyes played the guitar of my heart and strings
we met each other and did world's most craziest things
he came like a blow of air and blew me away
he became the most beautiful morning of my life and brought the light in my way

hands in hands together we walked alone for miles
we sang,danced, jumped and drove with each other
we dream t of success in love and life together
he loved me unconditionally and nurtured me like no one ever
i loved him irrevocable as if he was set in my brain and mind forever

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  • Divya Nayak
    Divya Nayak (Registered Member)
    Commented on 01-June-2013

    @Utkarsh Sharma
    thanks utkarsh.i ll definetly wright more.

  • poemocean logo
    Utkarsh Sharma (Guest)
    Commented on 01-June-2013

    great, soulful poem. the more you will write the more you will get high :).

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