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Love Hurts

11 -Jul-2012 Varna Salunke Love Poem 0 Comments  1,471 Views
Varna Salunke

A bond affectionate n strong,
Existing between hearts of two,
When embedded trust, loyalty, sacrifice n faith,
Becomes divine, pure, powerful and true.

Ecstatic and enraptured is this divinity
Ceaseless winter turns eternal spring,
With true love which is no bivouac but lives
With heart within and love all round the luminous ring.

Hindrance ought to ski amidst
Cause tempest, somber, dolor and doleful love
But infatuation augments if it’s mythically holy.
Rupturing material desires turn into angelic crave.

Showers step in for sure, Blubbering eyes
Feels dagger at heart, taking thou apart
Night crawls, mangles life, hearkens cry
Love’s intricate and shal’t insatiate thou by part

Words can’t express this solitude yield by joy attire
When love gone knell rings, presaging pensive mood
Vanquished by life, glidth tears
Wish to slumber deep, mourning rustling stood.

Embarking exams every moment every while
Perplexed yet scarlet love alive
Burning soul, drains thy love for the fair
And thee love for the handsome. All belongs to eternal life.

Lord tests devotion to each other at every level
Devote thyself and sink down in eyes
But fly high celestially. So me say
'True Love sans fun and fills sacrifice & woeful cries'………………

Dedicated to
Lovely Hearts

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