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Meri dharkan

30 -Jan-2013 Pooja Rawat Love Poem 0 Comments  1,551 Views
Pooja Rawat

Meri dharkan hai tu,
meri saanse hai tu,
saanse jo chalti hai tujhse,
tujhe dekhe bin din na kate,
meri dharkan hai tu,
khubsurat ahsas hai tu,
sapne me bsa hai tu,
ankho ki tasver hai tu,
meri ruh hai tu,
tujhse dur av raha ni jata,
meri dharkan hai tu,
meri khusi hai tu,
mere dukh hai tu,
av na sahi ja paye ye judai teri,
dharkan kvi dur na ho paye atama se ,
meri jaan hai tu,
meri dharkan hai tu,
dur tujhse na reh paugi,
mera dil hai tu,
jaan hai tu mera,
meri dharkan hai tu.

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