Reminder of You

01 -Dec-2011 mariam philip Love Poem 0 Comments  992 Views
mariam philip

Things that remind me of you

Are just there for show and view.

To remind myself not to fall once again

And get used to all the misery and the pain.

We havent talked in a while

The feelings I have left for u, are stored up a in a file

Sometimes I catch myself thinking about you

But I think twice about it all before I do.

The way things are right now

Are not worth me nor my time and im proud to take that bow

All this time youve been gone

Not answering your phone and not calling; whats takin u so long?

Its become easy to think otherwise and have doubts about you

I hope you understand what Im saying cuz im not repeating myself even if u still is my boo.

I want you to come back for a small while and see what I feel

So I can walk out proud and tall with my high heel.

I'll still be your friend and be there to support you like a thick shoe.

And A will also not forget to pray 4 u cuz Im a Jesus freak as u knew.!

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