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Memories of that evening

10 -Apr-2016 shalvi Memories Poems 0 Comments  536 Views
Memories of that evening

"Memoirs of that evening "

Chirping birds and the clouds so high,
Makes me profoundly think of my deify...

With the memories in my heart,you have stored,
Of my walk with you, on the long long road...

I'm rejoicing that spring's evening,which was divine,
When I was holding your palm across mine...

In an eventide light, inviting the night,
Our dusky night ride was indeed a delight...

When my déjà vu comes to get true,
I had the smack of your lips like a wine of cru...

Then our never-ending talks with no words at all,
With the esthetic tea at the corner stall...

Drowning into your eyes,always makes me blush,
I preferred staring at your lips with a hush...

So that I could live over these moments again,
Beamish with the flavor of your love, look I am drizzling in rain...

Again and again...

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