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17 -Oct-2012 ronak brahmbhatt Memories Poems 2 Comments  1,888 Views
ronak brahmbhatt

Those days i remember when,
i made mischief and,
played with my friends,
those days in my memories
"first it stands".

one can rob anything from me,
but can never rob any of my memory,
I'll be there whenever they need me,
and for them i am always free.

for them, i want to fly high and high,
and my heart is clear like summer sky,
but today, its a day when I,
have to say them BYE BYE...!

Dedicated to
my school and friends...

Dedication Summary
i wrote this poem in my farewell of school in year2009 when i was in 12th. i miss my school and friends.

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  • Lucky
    Lucky (Registered Member)
    Commented on 09-July-2020

    You don't have to say Bye Bye because you can live those days back.....apne andar k bache ko kabhie sone mat dena.

  • poemocean logo
    Riju Bhasker (Guest)
    Commented on 25-April-2014

    aapke takkar kaa koi nahi.

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