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Rap-Brain Scrimmage

22 -May-2014 Manoneet Hanswalia Miscellaneous Poems 0 Comments  919 Views
Rap-Brain Scrimmage

People used to call me roughneck
instrumentalized my anger for the duck sake
overdosed hate,no,it's my brain radiation leakage
lately things were beautiful,but now converted into scrimmage
tired of being me,moment to bear my collapsed brain stage

it's exploded.quitted use of witch hazel
scram you cat-doll before it burns you
this is the Rt.Hon you deserve until the stars fall
if it doesn't happen again,i will overdo

rove of my thoughts are curvic
it's my brain vantage,surpassed your scornful tricks
iced mixed fire makes my throat sick
fingers being normal and scribbling this polemic

you use toner on our relationship skin,eat like a repast
it's not overblown in the outset
a lot of saliva in my mouth,swallowed the hate
and puke them all on your face out
provoked me being fierce idiomatic
it's sadly idyllic 'cause we moved away in the same click.

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