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Maa.. teri yaad

12 -Jan-2015 Pooja Rawat Mothers Day Poem 2 Comments  1,709 Views
Pooja Rawat

Maa teri yaad hr pal sataye
Teri ahemiyat pta aaj chali
Tere dur reh samjh aaya
Maa teri mamta
Yaad aaya wo pal
Jab bhukhe na sone diya
Aaj jab bhukhe soyi
Tab teri yaad aayi mujhe
Maa teri yaad har pal sataye
Kash wo din dubra aa jate
Tere pass mai aa jati
Teri us mamta me khelti
Rehti teri baho me

Dedicated to
my mother

Dedication Summary
Bcoj u r world's best maa...

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  • Pooja Rawat
    Pooja Rawat (Registered Member)
    Commented on 11-July-2015

    @sahil verma
    Thanks sahil g.

  • poemocean logo
    Sahil verma (Guest)
    Commented on 21-April-2015

    hraday ko chuti hui kavita...anupam srajan, sunder lekhni.

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