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$$My Disney Princess Dream$$

21 -Jul-2018 nandita sinha Doll Poem 0 Comments  688 Views
nandita sinha

I want to be...
As kind as Snow White
As brave as Mereda
As beautiful as Aroura
As exploring as Maona
As innovative as Tinker Bell
As lively as Rapunzel
As dutiful as Milan
As industrious as Cinderella As sacrificing as Ariel;
As daring as Pocahontas;
As loving as Belle;
As mature as Tiana;
As supportive as Jasmine;

I want to cultivate a sister's bond;
As strong as Elsa and Anna.
Even though I am a girl;
As little as Sofia the first.
But still I will strive;
With determination as strong as Phantomhive.

Dedicated to:-BABY SISTER

Note:- You can also find this poem in Wattpad under the tittle Inspirational Quotes With a Tint Of Humor

$$My Disney Princess Dream$$

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