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My eyes look for you.

24 -Jun-2022 ताज मोहम्मद Sad Poems 0 Comments  53 Views
ताज मोहम्मद

My eyes look for you everywhere...
where have you gone dear...!!
I searched in the wild and the crowd...
but you are nowhere to be found...!!

Look in your memory,
My heart is crying...!!
Without you,
It is slowly slowly dying...!!

This garden and farm,
everyone asks about you...!!
the scent of flowers,
the leaves of the trees,
are very sad without you...!!

Flowing wind, raining water,
everyone weeps for you...!!
These missed you,
very much too...!!

What can i tell all these,
where you gone...!!
Sorry if i hurt you by mistake,
but now you come on...!!

The animals and birds are
also craving in your affection...!!
The day seems incomplete,
and the evening seems strange in any action...!!

Even the moonlight of the night,
remains in sorrow per day...!!
The whole night is spent,
waking up everyday...!!

My heart does not find rest,
it just misses you,

Taj Mohammad

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