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My Teacher

09 -Apr-2017 Keith Alms Farewell Poems 0 Comments  1,951 Views
Keith Alms

You came in splitting the rays of dawn,
That made out gleaming faces,
You saw a grin on our countenances,
As you started the day's portions.

You gave importance in giving respect,
And taught us that it gives us back,
And by this you took us to a magnificent world,
Of wisdom and understanding.

You spent your life in taking our hands,
Opening our minds and touching our hearts,
And you, were a great success in it,
'Cause you're right in here, forever.

Dedicated to
My teacher, Daisy Madam

Dedication Summary
Daisy madam was wonderful teacher for me. She always gave importance in giving respect and probably it is because of her that i was able to inculcate in myself a good character. And now, she is retiring. I wanted to express my gratitude for her huge help in moulding my character.

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