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16 -Apr-2016 babita garg Nature Poem 1 Comments  940 Views

Early in the morning,
When i woke up,
Feel of cool fresh air,
Gave me the real start up.

When I went for the morning walk,
Nature and I used to talk.
She was proud of her beauty,
But where is the human's duty.

Now when I go for the morning walk,
Wrappers and wrappers are there in the park.
Garbage emitting foul smell,
Poison the nature like hell.

Friends why aren't we sad
for making the condition so bad.

Dedicated to

Dedication Summary
So that people are aware of their activities which are polluting our environment.

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    Reaa (Guest)
    Commented on 30-April-2016

    please write the poem in hindi........

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