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As the rain gently falls

01 -Aug-2013 barbara stump Nature Poem 0 Comments  1,633 Views
barbara stump

as the rain gently falls through the window, I see
gentle breeze blows a cool mist, through the air fresh and clean
the wind chimes blows beautiful sounds as I hear
music softly, the birds sing in a tree, quite near

as the rain gently falls, the flowers open to bloom
catches the drops, the liquid to consume
life giving water to grow with the sun
beautiful colors abound has begun

their leaves raise up high to reach to the sky
waving to heaven, praising on high
catching the droplets that are cascading down
along the veins of deep colors, of leaves to the ground

as the rain gently falls, the fragrant, so sweet fills the air
wonderful scents of garden adornments to share
springtime surprises the morning of day
pleasures the senses in every way

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