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11 -Mar-2014 Lekha Krishnakumar Nature Poem 0 Comments  3,017 Views
Lekha Krishnakumar

Treat to the eyes, peace to the wise
Fairy tale for the young, lyrics to the bards, who sung,
Melody for the music best, behold the great dive in the west.

As a toddler wonder, what lies in the waters yonder?
How the ball of fire thus doused, will again be aroused
The glory of sky thus hued, so are our thoughts skewed.

Good or bad as debated, the Sun continues to set unabated
Early to bed and early to rise, sun sets the practice right.
Setting and rising lends balance so fine, no wonder life on earth can shine.

I know why you set again, ‘cause you never lose hope in vain.
You burn evils in the day and come out cheerfully the next day.
You wish us all good night to start the new day doing things right.

Oh sun set today again and teach me something more to gain!

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