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Sagar Lehar Lehar Leharata


Sagar Lehar Lehar Leharata: This is one of the best hindi poem on ocean or sea. This poem define what is ocean and what is its importance. An ocean is very vast and have a large amount of water. Lots of animals and creatures live in the ocean. Ocean is very important for us. Rain is only possible due to ocean. Clouds form due to ocean which then rain on earth. We also get Pearl from ocean which is a very precious or costly. Transportation of huge things become possible due to oceans. Big ships, cargo, vessels can be easily operate in ocean.

06 -Nov-2014 Dr. Parshuram Shukla Ocean Poems 7 Comments  14,093 Views
Dr. Parshuram Shukla

सागर लहर-लहर लहराता।
एक नर्इ दुनिया दिखलाता।

बच्चों इसकी सुनो कहानी,
दूर-दूर तक फैला पानी।
जीव बहुत से रहते इसमें,
जिनका हमसे गहरा नाता।
एक नर्इ ...............

बादल इससे पानी लाते।
आकर धरती पर बरसाते।
मोती जैसा रत्न निराला,
मानव सागर से ही पाता।
एक नई ..............

दूर देश की सैर कराता।
रूस, चीन सब हमें दिखाता।
आकर कभी-कभी गुस्से में,
कहर सुनामी सा बरपाता।
एक नई ..............

सागर लहर-लहर लहराता।
एक नई दुनिया दिखलाता।

Sagar Lehar Lehar Leharata

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  • poemocean logo
    Kusumasai (Guest)
    Commented on 08-August-2018

    This is used as a poem in my project by me.

  • poemocean logo
    Ishika (Guest)
    Commented on 31-August-2017

    What is the moral ?.

  • poemocean logo
    Rushi (Guest)
    Commented on 20-June-2017

    thanks shukla ji .i am using this for my project.

  • poemocean logo
    Laksh gupta (Guest)
    Commented on 29-July-2016

    I am using this for my project and this poem is nice ..

  • poemocean logo
    W0W (Guest)
    Commented on 01-July-2016

    Thanks. This poem helped a lot in my Hindi project..

  • poemocean logo
    K.sukanya (Guest)
    Commented on 17-June-2016

    Verry useful and nice.

  • poemocean logo
    Yuvraj king (Guest)
    Commented on 10-June-2016

    v.v. good.

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