The Clouds

13 -Jul-2011 Avinash Fitrat Raining Season Poem 3 Comments  14,193 Views
Avinash Fitrat

Look there the heavy shower
Brought by the clouds that hover.

Hovering do they look so proud
In dense, dark patches of cloud.

They seem not ever to stop
but pour down their every drop.

The rainy season do they bring
Which is all season' king.

To quench mother earth's thirst,
Do these clouds ever burst.

Come out you all at once
O' the children have a dance.

Each one you make a boat
To have in rain fun a lot.

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    Commented on 21-April-2013


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    Vandana soni (Guest)
    Commented on 10-July-2012

    i was looking for a poem on season. this poem is very cool, perfect and easy to recite for the kids..

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    Kamakshi sudhir bhatt (Guest)
    Commented on 07-July-2012

    good one.

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