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Rani Padmavati / Padmini


Rani Padmavati / Padmini : These days there is a lot of controversy on the movie Padmavati. This hindi poem tell us about Hindu Rajpoot queen Rani Padmavati or Rani Padmini.

19 -Nov-2017 Dr. A.D. Khatri Woman Poems 1 Comments  1,606 Views
Dr. A.D. Khatri

Here is the best and latest hindi poem on Rani Padmavati or Rani Padmini.
She is one of the Hindu Rajput queen who saved her from muslim invader.
Here is the hindi poem of Rani Padmavati or Rani Padmini with images.

Rani Padmavati / Padmini

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    Chaubey Madhuri (Guest)
    Commented on 03-December-2017

    nice poem.

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