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I Rather Quit!!!!!!

23 -Aug-2014 Abhishek Gupta Relationship Poems 0 Comments  1,194 Views
Abhishek Gupta

Inspired from a movie REMEMBER ME of twilight fame Robert Pattinson, one of my favorite actor.


I cannot contain it, off it
I cannot bear it, stop it
If you do love me, show it
Don’t bluff me, don’t hid it
It’s a hunger in me, in need of attention
A look, a shake, a hug isn’t enough to mention
What seized your emotion, or don’t you love me
Or I am mere a disgrace, do tell me
I never understood, what you want
Or have you simply assumed, I just can’t
I did never get a chance, to hear from you
It’s totally unfair, got no chance to show you
With the feeling of disgrace
I fear your confrontation
With the smell of ignorance
I wish my extinction
Now I am begging to you, release me form here
With these filthy relations, disgrace and fear
Let me jump and catch my freedom
Away from here, away from here

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