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Our National Flag

05 -Dec-2013 Amav Singh Grover Republic Day Poems 4 Comments  41,279 Views
Our National Flag

Saffron, white and green
is the most beautiful thing
I have ever seen.

How it dances and flutters high
A top the highest peak,
touching the sky.

And when I sing our national song
I feel really proud that I belong.

To a nation where men are wise
"I am an Indian", I say with pride.

Our National Flag

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    Mukesh kumar (Guest)
    Commented on 29-August-2016


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    Sidharth (Guest)
    Commented on 10-August-2016

    Very very good!!!!!¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!¡!!!❕❕❕.

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    Priti malhodra (Guest)
    Commented on 23-March-2016

    I love my country and my flag too much
    This poem is nice.

  • poemocean logo
    Ankita sharma (Guest)
    Commented on 12-July-2015

    I love my INDIA ye mera INDIA.

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