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21 -Feb-2011 Rajat Kapoor River Poems 2 Comments  41,341 Views
Rajat Kapoor

A rivers flows through
Mountains, plains and towns.
Sometimes flowing straight
Sometimes going round.

Its water is enjoyed by everyone,
Be it a king for a clown.
Bringing happiness to thirsty
And smiles to faces that frown.

Never stopping,
the river ends in a sea.
Giving happiness to civilization
And everything free.

Not charging anything from anybody,
Unlike we humans,
Who give happiness
And in return, charge money.

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  • poemocean logo
    Raghuveer (Guest)
    Commented on 25-October-2012

    the language used in this poem is very simple.It is very easy to understand.I liked this poem very much..

  • poemocean logo
    Rahul v krishnan (Guest)
    Commented on 08-July-2012

    WonderFul Poetry.

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