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A Lie of love

20 -Oct-2013 Zuhair Hallak Sad Poems 0 Comments  1,151 Views
Zuhair Hallak

Your love is a lie,
Loneliness is a lie.
Torturing me,
For what I have not done.
I missed the old you
You came back for no reason,
You where a new person,
And did not care only about yourself.
I had to let go of you,
I don't wanna be hurt no more.
I thought you will change,
Sorry, it was my mistake.
Attention was all you want,
It was a good enough.
To make you a new person again,
My pleasure was your healing,
And my pain was punch of flame,
I flirted with you most of time.
Everything you said was a lie,
I am the one was foolish to stay.
Weakness was killing me inside,
People around me turned me around,
Change me inside and threw water steel.
Sky was getting blue; years were turning to glue,
People were changing and memories were freezing.
Stood laying a side by your house,
I sat on the stairs, until you came.
Your head was on the ground,
Because you were so a shamed,
From the lies you said, and from your pain.
A tear dropped from my left eye,
Saying, people I loved always left,
That's why I became a poet.

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