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What I Leave

11 -Jul-2012 Varna Salunke Sad Poems 0 Comments  1,386 Views
Varna Salunke

I turned to take a glimpse
Of the state I leave behind,
To mutate my life and March forward
Towards a alien land, which may be unkind.
I just thwart my heart, to find
A land to harbor, to pay my hand.

I turned to take a glimpse
Of my beloved, to whom I say goodbye
And get my heart manacled
Whom I lurch, whose face in gloomy state lay.
I plunge into the words I wanted to say
To her before I abandon her.

I turned to take a glimpse
Of the life I vamoose
And endeavor a place of exertion and fame,
Of melancholy and triumph, but I loose
In equal measure my soul whose
Life is left behind.

Now again I turn back
To find all these gone.
I cleft and repented, but in no use
It’s now all that I lack………

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