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28 -Sep-2018 Om Hari Das Spiritual Poems 0 Comments  687 Views
Om Hari Das

No reason was known to me of my birth,
fallen trapped in the diversities of the abstract;
Hankering in this world, unknown from the truth,
Now and then, enjoyed and was abashed of the object.

Split in love has turned life into uncertain turmoil,
nothing remained by which I can be trusted;
Ego has ruptured by the countless foils,
Refuge to seek the one whom, I distrusted.

Submerged in the iteration of His rhymes,
life thrust to fist and furl the Divine;
Forgotten all that were the dues and the fines,
‘Holy’ has become the body and mind.

Now, He is here and I can sense Him,
dissolved in the memories of His, has disclosed the treasury;
No matter discriminates; manifested or abstract He is,
everything seems placid and distilled, without any misery.

He is sense, He is gratification,
He is sole, He is whole,
He is love, He is sacrifice,
He is the supreme, He is only the soul.

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