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Short Life

24 -Jul-2020 Zuhair Hallak Sad Poems 0 Comments  263 Views
Zuhair Hallak

Life is so short,
Caused by death or living.
A life lived can be slavery,
For our desires and ego.
Place of gathering(family, friends, partner, people),
The value of it increases for wanting it.
A life that caused our body to die,
Makes individual of unwanting life itself.
Life can be a curse that caused our body to age,
We embrace time in the beginning,
To find out it’s our enemy.
Life creates moments of love and hate
You ain’t sure of relationships are real or has no end
Time is the essence of LIFE valued to stay alive
But has no meaning or gain because you die
Life is so short, better live it or you will lose it
Because it’s worth having after all.

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