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17 -Mar-2020 poorvi sethi Motivational Poems 0 Comments  30 Views

I looked up at the sky changing hues
From sunset orange with a tint of pink to midnight blue
An artist's masterpiece is what it's called
When colours which seem so far apart on the spectrum blend together to create magic and what not
I think we've got little bits of the sky in ourselves

Because some days we are as black as endless night
Choking on our own tears and drinking away our sorrows at 2am while trying to put up a fight
When the whole world is asleep
But we are searching for shreds of hope to keep
In reflections of stars on the surface of broken liquor bottles

Other days we are all the colours of the rainbow
Bathing in the all consuming love of the person who would keep the world at our feet even if we said no
Sitting in our favorite cafe, deciding what we want
When, from across the table they tell the waiter that we like our coffee with lots of milk and a chocolate cookie on the side
And we smile
Realizing it's what we'll want for the rest of our lives

Some days we are shades of blue and azure
Too drunk on knowledge and peace so pure
To find the way out of the library
Secrets of the universe hidden in every nook and cranny
Waiting to be explored and devoured by us and others many

And other days, we are as golden as sunshine
And as silver as starlight
Feeling as carefree as the sunflowers swaying gently in a sun-kissed field
Wearing our favourite dress and opening the door to the heavenly smell of baked bread, knowing, that once and for all, we are home.

We are transient.
We are ever-changing.
We are infinite.
And that's what all masterpieces are.

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