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Co and Extra Curricular activites

24 -Aug-2015 sukarma Thareja Student Poems 1 Comments  3,159 Views
sukarma Thareja

Co and Extra Curricular activites

Co and Extra Curricular activites,
Are different from academic activities,
We learn a lot more from academic activities,
But not enough to survive in life.

These Co and Extra Curricular activities,
give us unique experience of life, like---
Many lies are not truth,
Many truths are lies,
How to deal when love one dies?,
How to open with some one you like?,
How to convey feeling of respect,
To some one you like,
Whom to trust in difficult time?,
What to do when there is exploded mind?.

These activities are the ones,
That build values in life,
These are the ones,
Can’t be taught in class,
Can only be experienced,
Participating in these activities,
You develop feelings for fellow beings,
And install confidence in life.

These activities make you smart and wise,
Help you to strengthen your base fibre life,
Open your arms, come one and all,
Participate in college social life,
To have what you missed in your life,
May the almighty give you strength and courage,
And correct you through out course of your life-----

Dr (Mrs)Sukarma Rani Thareja
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Christ Church College

Dedicated to
to all students of ch ch college kanpur

Dedication Summary
I request all my students to actively participate in co curricular activities of college so that they could develop their personality

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