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20 -Feb-2011 Rajat Kapoor Teacher Day Poem 0 Comments  5,937 Views
Rajat Kapoor

Imagine a world
without direction,
No East, No West
And no disection.

Road that are
without any indication,
Where would you go
Even with an intention.

That\'s why there on roads
Directions are made,
On the streets that\'s why
Milestones are placed.

So you may travel
As for as you may,
Whether night or day
You will have
No wory on the way,

Dedicated to
To all Guruji

Dedication Summary
I think the place of Guruji (Teacher), whether it may be spiritual,
professional, or educational is above than all.
They give our life a right direction.
In Hindi it is said that "Patthar bhi pooja jaaye, Shart ye hai ki ussey salike se tarasha jaaye".
And Guruji is that person who can make a normal person to an
extraordinary person.

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