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Teacher day

05 -Sep-2015 Mrityunjay vyas Teacher Day Poem 0 Comments  1,136 Views
Teacher day

A person whose knowledge is an ocean ,
deep and deep we cant see the end and the origin,
a person whose soul is pure ,
he is not a human being ,
he is my soul.
As you all known that
To live! a person need hurt
but to be live person need teacher,
who is always there
in me and in my thought ,
that's why who is the parent of the baby born.
as mom teaches us to be in love and affection
and the dad teaches us to be in discipline and the gental
then the teachers teaches and polish our ability and knowledge
then the child known how to walk.
this child is nothing without spirit,
he is without hope
then you come and be my spirit and hope ,
to known me how to fly like free soul .
thank you for teaching me morality ,
thank you for teaching me dignity,
thank you for teaching me to follow the path of truth ,
thank you teaching me to stand in my legs ,
thank you for each and every thing that you given to my,
i am very greatfull to god ,
that he gave the teachers like you all.

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