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19 -Nov-2020 saswat mohanty Valentine Poem 0 Comments  340 Views

Have you ever wandered about the dew drops,
The dew that falls down from your beautiful eyes,
The drop that clears all your fears from the face.
That very drop
Is not because you are surrounded by too many,
But rather there is no one to spare for any.
That drop trying to hide from outside world,
Is not afraid of people seeing it flowing down,
But because it doesn't want to show up for people who value it down.
Let me tell you a story of it.
Deep inside a cave,
There was drop ready to rage.
No matter how many times he fell,
That drop never came up of the well.
No wounds, no stranger, no storm
could boil the water for steam.
Yet there came a girl,
Just beautiful as a pearl.
They passed time together,
For which she gifted him a watch to remember.
One fine day, she vanished in front of him,
He was all blank, but had a whim.
To turn it real,
He went to that very same well.
Water reaching the top of it,
Not a blink, but thinking to forfeit.
In that midst of black cloud
People taunted him for getting out.
No architect showed up, no dams built,
All fishes swimming now full of guilt.
The lake got dried,
His subconscious got bribed.
That river did not flow again,
But the clouds cried and the boy in vain.
Now people trying to dig the lake with a shovel,
sharpened up with disguise, dishonest flannel.
The owner still in search of the fate,
To find that same pearl that would close the gate.
Looking it up with moments they had spent,
That whose key could never be found again.

Dedicated to
The girl I lost

Dedication Summary
I had done some horrible mistakes. Which eventually led her in abandoning me.

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