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The Essential Reality

12 -Jun-2021 Mohammad Younus Koul Spiritual Poems 0 Comments  104 Views
The Essential Reality

When you see the essential reality of things... could get peace, tranquility, ecstasy, enlightenment and awarenes;
All your fears will leave you, and hope shall fill you;
Reality is to be felt and perceived... is not to be assumed and speculated;
Because many an imagination is false and unfounded;
It could even fill you with thoughts shitty ...
...superstition, wishful thinking, or even a dangerous fantasy;
Reality never appears in 3D forms;
All forms are products of imagination...
...those you find in dreams, in temples and churches;
God never did appear in a 3D form;
Not even to prophets, saints, or His friends;
He need not prove His existence;
Everything, small and big, is an evidence of God,
God is the only true reality...
...and sole source of all creation;
Everything in the universe is just a derivative reality...
...created out of love and mercy... God's command: "Be, and it is!"


Dedicated to
My Guru

Dedication Summary
He inculcated in me love for spirituality

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