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The love of family for me

17 -Apr-2016 zim Family Poems 0 Comments  819 Views
The love of family for me

the love of family can be said as it never ends,
their love is one step ahead than our friends.

with a surprise in a morning they enlighten my day,
they would live till the end of the world this i would pray.

at every problem they are ready to bicker it with me,
for their care,suggestion and affection they doesn't ask for any fee.

at the good times and bad times we are in unity,
it seems that together we have signed a peace treaty.

they share every problem and happiness with me,
they teach me to live life with glee.

the adjective with which their love can be described is extremely,
for me this is called the genuine love of family.....
true love of family

-azeem panjwani

Dedicated to
my family

Dedication Summary
i want to dedicate this poem to my family because they are the most adorable and admired persons in my life. they are the one who taught me how to live life. they are the support system of my life. they truly care for me without and greed. and loves me a lot. thank u

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