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05 -May-2016 poorvi sethi Dream Poems 0 Comments  871 Views

She was used to making vivid images
Her mind an artistic genius in all stages
But they expected something else
"Become a doctor", they said, "for this doesn't make sense"

Forced to unfollow her heart
And losing touch with her beautiful art
She persuaded herself with much doubt
But didn't let any of it out

Finally, she left one day
With tearful goodbyes every way
"I will miss you both", she hesitantly said
And went away, leaving many things unsaid

She did it for them, no one else
For their happy smiles with none for herself
She worked hard day and night
And one fine day, she finally took flight

Years had gone by like this
She hadn't come home once, no matter how much she missed
And now she stood at that very door
To which she had bid adieu 6 years ago

And as she looked at her parents' faces
Happy tears streaming out of their eyes like long laces
To not cry herself, she awfully tried
Because at that moment, the secret artist inside of her died...

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