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The Voice of soul

25 -Nov-2016 Kriti Soniya Life Poem 1 Comments  680 Views
Kriti Soniya

The voice of soul

I may hv incubus
Jabbrng oll night
Tramping n lookng for
D 'ultimates'
Let me rupture
Stiffness onwards
Wich offerd nthng bt pangs
One after other
Coaxng myslf
For sheer goodness dat screamd
D tireless efforts
To embibe n presnt
Taciturns for olwayzz
At each edge in mine
In each phase of lyf
Incuring petty stuffs
Importify others
N dats wat.....losing self eestem

Hey! nt muzzy
Hd dne d big deal
Dat stupidity
Or say, mannery me
D unerring
Exists no more
Wanna walk
Wid absolute free steps
Wanna talk
For d voluble n rufflng me
Wanna lock
D visions who cnt see
Wanna rock
Hvng thorough beats
N of course!
Damn to d sanguine
Presaged decisions
M nt anyone's foretaken
Gong to hold
Letting u oll down
Being wid
My hesitating flawss......!

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  • sid
    Sid (Registered Member)
    Commented on 25-November-2016

    Yeh bouncer gya..!! Bk bk

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