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Tumak tumak chale chote khanhaiya

12 -Mar-2018 Pragya Sankhala Krishna Janmashtami Poems 0 Comments  1,458 Views
Pragya Sankhala

Tumak tumak chale chote khanhaiya
Gwala ka rup dhare khanhaiya

Natakhat makhan churate khanhaiya
paijanya pairo me bandhe khanhaiya

mata ke ye dulare khanhaiya
Trilok swami khanhaiya

Yashoda ke nandlala khanhaiya
Basuri roj bajaye khanhaiya

Nit naye roop dikhave khanhaiya
More mukut lagaye khanhaiya

Swaran mukh mandal khanhaiya
Sabke dulare krishna khanhaiya

Tumak tumak chale chote khanhaiya

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