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Unbelievable Love

15 -Nov-2015 Zuhair Hallak Miscellaneous Poems 0 Comments  921 Views
Zuhair Hallak

Every time I closed my eyes
I see different views of this world.
Where all destruction happens?
Where are all lies are truth.
To lead the blind to cover other minds
To seed their hearts like plant.
Even it cost to join the game,
And sell everything they have
Just to live in just mortal World.
Your beliefs shall have reputation,
Until the next generation keeps dying.
You hear the music that brain washes you,
Forget the World what became,
For your survivor benefit.
While we favor people death on others
Money and power that deceives for more,
Powerful for just individual mortal body.
As long As keeps running for generations,
We are the only God on this planet.
Using humans as machines to do our wars,
Sitting on our chair giving orders.
Classic song vibrates while I close my eyes and dream,
Hearing my roommate playing on his guitar.
Gives me hope that even monster can Love,
Broken down to pieces shall be fixed,
With only one love we want the most.

Unbelievable Love

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