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Value of time

16 -May-2020 DEEPAKSHI Yadav Time Poems 0 Comments  445 Views

Time is too precious,
as precious as gold
Everyone is very curious,
as gold makes the rate bold.

One should neither waste nor pass,
at a point one may feel like a broken glass
Time never stop for anyone,
But ampal for everyone.

Everyone should respect time ,forever,
Else it will make your life as a dumb-show
Today's hardwork give result better,
Today's enjoyment gives one tomorrow's embarrassment.

Time is too valuable ,
to not be brought
Time tells something to everyone,
Whether when you have time to improve
else when you lose your dearones.

Time is like a sea ,
It never ends &with full of water
Likewise ,time is ampal to work,
But goes like a wave flows.

Time!Time! is too important,
take it as a life tournament..

- Deepakshi yadav

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