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We miss those happy days.

23 -Sep-2020 Mahesh B. Sahay Ved Student Poems 0 Comments  536 Views
We miss those happy days.

Let the gates of school be opened
       We are coming with a new hope.              
With a new enthusiasm.         
 After a long lockdown             
   We are coming.

           We miss our school so much 
   As well as our mates and teachers.   
      We miss the lovely classroom.     
        We miss the black board.       
        We miss the school bell.         

We miss the cares from our teachers.         
     We miss the home work.   
We miss the fear of punishment      
  for not completing home work.           
 We miss the play ground.

          We miss the trivial pretend              
     to bunk the class.   
We miss the fight with our class mate      
             on tiny matters.           

    We miss the assembly             
  Where we are taught            
 the teachings of nobelness.
                We miss those teachers  
    Who motivates towards our goal.         

      Now the time has come       
To achieve the the heights of sky.           
     We'll flap our wings.       
We'll tough the heights of success.

           ✍️ Mahesh B. Sahay Ved

Dedicated to
To my students

Dedication Summary
I am missing the pleasant company of my students since a long lockdown .

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