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A World Full Of Snowflakes

09 -Dec-2013 barbara stump Winter Season Poem 0 Comments  1,689 Views
barbara stump

Snow so crisp and cool, as the stars twinkle in the sky.
Crisp, I walk to see the flakes, as they float on by.
Beautiful snowflakes each differ from the other.
Makes me ponder on the world.
Each soul differs from its brother.

I watch and gaze as they twirl to the ground.
Beautiful patterns, difference abounds.
Each unique and has beauty in itself.
Like the people in this world.
We are all one world and humanity, above all else.

Then, the snowflakes start to melt,
into the snow, blending itself.
Just like a person, among a million, you see.
Each one is a person and very precious, to me.

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