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The Winter

16 -Feb-2011 Jaswinder Sharma Winter Season Poem 1 Comments  12,804 Views
Jaswinder Sharma

Although late,Winter has reached,
Every one seems so much pleased.

The chilly nights make all to shiver,
The Sun sets faster than in summer.

Around the fire, All sit along,
and have a chat all the night long.

There is a plenty of food to eat,
Gajak, Halwa and kheer sweet.

Favorable are nights for study,
to make you for exams, ready.

Mosquitoes do not any more bother,
winter is of course than summer better.

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    Kritika (Guest)
    Commented on 17-November-2012

    it is nice, but if u can translate it in hindi it will be more good.

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