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You, you and only you

12 -Feb-2016 Akshunya Marriage Anniversary Poems 0 Comments  1,458 Views

It's been a decade and plus two,
When knotted together me and you.
In the string of love, like a leaf and dew.
Blessed with the God, and the dear ones too.
From the day, when I met you,
You gave me colourful ship and a sky to flew.
I feel the blessings, and affection too.
Since I got you.
You are the most precious gift, which I never want to loose.
I always pray, "Oh! God I thank you."
Who given me the friend, a husband, an adorable, that is you, only you, only you.

Dedicated to
ashish bhargav

Dedication Summary
I dedicated to my husband on our 13th anniversary

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