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College life in India-Expectation vs. reality

24 -Aug-2015 sukarma Thareja Youngster Poems 0 Comments  1,030 Views
sukarma Thareja

College life in India- Expectation vs. reality

Every one has expectation, from ones life,
One dreams of going to good college,
One hopes of getting fat pay package in return,
By studying in good college.

One expects to dress up to college,
In the best trendy clothes,
Alas ! one does not have to worry,
About them, as one is late to college.

One think in college life one will party,
With close friends every night-day,
At the coolest pub in the city,
Alas!7pm is hostel curfew time—a pity!.

One hopes to be blessed with lenient teachers ,
On the contrary in college; there are strict teachers,
Alas! these strict teachers follow strict norms,
Even to get minimum attendance; 75 percent,
One must struggle with all lab reports.

One hopes to study from internet -websites ,
For the coming university examination,
Alas! Time is up !-
one end up studying from easy notes,
And grantham for university examination.

One expect one will cook,
Proper meals every evening,
One end up eating magi,
Invariably every evening.

While staying away from home ,
One hopes to save /generate,
Good amount of pocket money,
To take out girl /boy friend for a date ,
But alas! one is always broke ,
with empty pocket money.

One expect one will attend all ,
Classes theory/practical ,
To get extra marks for attending classes,
Alas! Proxy lagva dena yaar becomes,
The ones motto, same as vow of masses.

One make up list of academic material,
In week end , to be learnt completely ,
From 9am to 2pm,
But alas! till 2pm,
One is not even awake completely.

If one, does hard work, and pushes ones limitations ,
One can make reality from expectations,
And one with distinct sharp personality,
Can even convert myth into reality,
Let us join hands in this noble mission,
And lift tricolor in world ;with ones strong determination.

Dr Mrs Sukarma Rani Thareja
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Christ Church College

Dedicated to
to younger generation

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College life in India- Expectation vs. read this poem carefully

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