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Your laugh,Your cry.

24 -Jun-2022 ताज मोहम्मद Sad Poems 0 Comments  84 Views
ताज मोहम्मद

Your laugh, your cry,,,
Your coming, your going,,,
You be angry for a while,,,
to be happy again,,,
I miss a lot...!!!
that you take care of me,,,
Knowing my wellness,,,
in the morning and evening,,,
makes me cry and sad.!!!

Your knowing all about me,,,
without telling anyone,,,
You took care me,,,
Your take away my loneliness...!!!
Take all my troubles on you,,,
When I remember all...
This makes, my heart, cry a lot,,,
and fills with sadness...!!!

Fight for my sake to all,,,
Do your best for my Pleasure...!!!
You console me,,,,
for hours when I am sad much...!!!
When I remember this all,,,
It makes me weak very much...!!!

stop you coming into my feelings,,,
leave me lonely alone...!!!
i don't want, to miss you,,,
and to hurt my heart again & again...!!!

It is very difficult to die and living,,,
in someone's memories...!!!
Love is life's amazing sad philosphy...
I don't want to know it's theories...!!!

Taj Mohammad

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