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Dr. Parshuram Shukla

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Dr. Parshuram Shukla
Dr. Parshuram Shukla
Dr. Parshuram Shukla

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    Gunjan (Guest)
    Commented on 11-July-2020

    Beautiful poem.

    Commented for: Burans (Rhododendron arboreum)

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    Sharda Arora (Guest)
    Commented on 25-May-2020

    Bahut manbhavan kavita, bahti hui si ..

    Commented for: Dhoop

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    VEER (Guest)
    Commented on 24-May-2020

    Nice poem.

    Commented for: Nadi

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    Ambika Lakhi (Guest)
    Commented on 29-April-2020

    Nice poem.

    Commented for: Nadi

  • poemocean logo
    Sunita (Guest)
    Commented on 23-April-2020

    very worst noooo....................................never.

    Commented for: Pariksha

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    Shilpi sharma (Guest)
    Commented on 01-February-2020

    Goriya Kyon Ruth Gai prashn ka answer Bata dijiye.

    Commented for: Kahaan Gayi Gauraiya?

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    Pardeep Kumar (Guest)
    Commented on 02-January-2020

    Nice composition sir .

    Commented for: Bachche Aur Vigyan

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    Gauri (Guest)
    Commented on 17-November-2019

    Peom nandak chambak poem.

    Commented for: Baal Bhaskar Hi Dilwaao

  • poemocean logo
    Atanu ghodai (Guest)
    Commented on 13-November-2019

    So nice poem I love this poem.

    Commented for: Kabootar

  • Anil Mishra Prahari
    Anil Mishra Prahari (Registered Member)
    Commented on 07-November-2019

    bahut sunder rachana..

    Commented for: Paryavaran Bachaao

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