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Dr. Parshuram Shukla

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Dr. Parshuram Shukla
Dr. Parshuram Shukla
Dr. Parshuram Shukla

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    Arijit dutta (Guest)
    Commented on 11-December-2018

    Great and very nice poem everyone watching it please rate it.

    Commented for: Nadi

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    Ramveer Choudhary (Guest)
    Commented on 12-November-2018

    आपकी कविता ने दिल जीत लिया है |
    यह एक अदभुत कविता है ||.

    Commented for: Dada Ki Yaad

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    Himani (Guest)
    Commented on 15-October-2018

    Nice poem sir, but koe bhi Rakshak saadharan nahi hota vo Asaadharan hota hai!!.

    Commented for: Bahut Zaroori Hoti Shiksha

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    Parri (Guest)
    Commented on 07-October-2018

    Nice poem.

    Commented for: Desh Humara

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    Saurabh kumar (Guest)
    Commented on 12-September-2018

    mai bachaunga inko.

    Commented for: Kasturi Mrig (Musk Deer)

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    Bharat Bhushan Sidana (Guest)
    Commented on 11-September-2018

    Really the exams are ahead .

    Commented for: Pariksha

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    Divya Bhatia (Guest)
    Commented on 04-September-2018

    It was outstanding,fabulous.

    Commented for: Shikshak

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    Himani (Guest)
    Commented on 02-September-2018

    such a nice poem.

    Commented for: Shikshak

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    Siddiqui Sehrin- (Guest)
    Commented on 31-August-2018

    Suprb . I used it as my assignment .I think so my teacher is going love this poem . keep it up .Aisi poems banate rahi ye .TRAIN GAADI CHUCHUK CHUCHUK POOOOOOO .WELL DONE.

    Commented for: Chhuk chhuk karti chalti rail

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    Shivprasad (Guest)
    Commented on 28-August-2018

    Very nice poem.

    Commented for: Suraj Nikla Hua Savera

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