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Om Hari Das

Basic informations and poetry stats of Om Hari Das

Om Hari Das
Om Hari Das
Om Hari Das

Basic Info

Name: Om Hari Das
Gender: Male
Birthday: 09 October
Education: Arts/Commerce/Science Graduate
Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India
Rating: 1 / 5 by 1 vote(s)

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About Om Hari Das

Dear readers,

My name is Om prakash singh and initiation name is Om Hari Das. I am a sales manager with a german company. I have the passion to learn devotional service on to the lotus feet of Lord Shri Krishna. Life has its own flavour with the spice of sorrow and happiness. But in reality I am in search of eternal bliss which is playing hide and seek with me. I am sure, one day I will be in her clutches.

I like writing poems and articles specially on spiritual dimensions and social ethics. My writings are not filled with colours of life but it has essence of moral that should be the intrinsic quality of whole living entities.

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