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Chandan Rathore

Basic informations and poetry stats of Chandan Rathore

Chandan Rathore
Chandan Rathore
Chandan Rathore

Basic Info

Name: Chandan Rathore
Gender: Male
Birthday: 20 June
Education: M.C.A. student
Location: Udaipur, Rajashthan, India
Rating: 5 / 5 by 228 vote(s)

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About Chandan Rathore

"मेरी जिन्दगी एक कहानी हे
में उसका वो मेरी दीवानी हे
केसे करू साकार मेरा हर एक सपना
बस छोटी सी मेरी जिंदगानी हे" 
Don't Cry Feel More... 
It's Only RATHORE. . .
 By- Chandan Rathore

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