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Stuti Prerna

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Stuti Prerna
Stuti Prerna
Stuti Prerna

Niswarth Prem

15 -Oct-2018 Stuti Prerna Love Poem 1 Comments  496 Views
Niswarth Prem

Saath tumney taye kia,
Yaadein mainy bnadi,
Waqt tumney dia,
Lamhey humdono ne sanjo liya,
Kbhi cheda tumney mujhy,
Toh kbi preshan mainy v kia,


15 -Oct-2018 Stuti Prerna Daughter Poems 0 Comments  198 Views

Why only she needs to put her head down
If she is a girl.
Why only she needs to hide;
Even though she didn't commit any mistake
Why?Why only she?

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