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Laljee Thakur(haffman)

Basic informations and poetry stats of Laljee Thakur(haffman)

Laljee Thakur(haffman)
Laljee Thakur(haffman)
Laljee Thakur(haffman)

Basic Info

Name: Laljee Thakur(haffman)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 05 December
Education: B.E/B.Tech.
Location: Darbhanga, Bihar, India
Rating: 5 / 5 by 22 vote(s)

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About Laljee Thakur(haffman)

"I  am a tiny particles which is invisible in this world but useful to construct a  very high building as burz khalifa"..

At present

A civil engineer in military engineering services at nasik.

मेरी राय-

1. (Our)Human life is the  first and last among 84 crore lives  so do something different in  own life.


2. कौन कहता है कि काँटे सिर्फ चुभोता है ये तो चुभे हुए काँटो को भी निकालता है।

और कौन कहता है कि फूल सिर्फ सुगंध देता है ये तो सरने के बाद गंद भी देता है।

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